Sewing workshop

I am always interested in learning something new, and this Saturday I had booked myself onto a sewing workshop at the local sewing shop ‘Stitches and Cream’.

As I have never sewn before, I decided to try the beginners workshop. The workshop lasted from 10am to 4pm and we began by learning how to thread and operate the machine, before moving on to learning a few commonly used techniques. I was a little bit unsure at first but the tuition was very clear and I had plenty of time to practise as we went along.

Coffee and cakes to keep us going through a busy day of sewing

After learning some new skills, it was time to put them into practise on a proper project. The project for beginners was to make a small bag.

The finished project
The finished project, which now lives on my bedside table and I keep earplugs in there

This was just about the right scale of project and took the remainder of the afternoon. After the day was over I had my bag to take away as well as the new skills that I had learned. I was very proud of what I had made and would definitely like to sew something else in future.

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