Game #1: MEGA MAN3

The title screen

The first game on the system, and off to a good start with ‘MEGA MAN3’. A version of Mega Man 3 on the NES as we can see from the opening screen.

On the opening screen there are two options; game start and pass word.

Selecting game start, you select a level and then the game begins. I have never played Mega Man 3 on the NES but I think this is overall a good version of the game.

I selected the Snake Man level and immediately found the game is pretty difficult, but it still plays quite well on this system.

A gameplay screen from the ‘snake man’ level

I then looked up some passwords online and entered them into the pass word menu. The password did work and I skipped on ahead to a later level

The graphics appear good overall with no weird effects once in the game. All games from this system stretch to fit a widescreen, which is an issue for some of these games but not on this one, since the game is perfectly playable with some slightly wider graphics.

Overall this seems like a playable version of Mega Man 3 and I will definitely play this game more in the future to see if I can manage to complete it.

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