Hokusai Manga #1

Hokusai manga is a book full of illustrations by the artist Katsushika Hokusai. Hokusai is most famous for his print ‘The great wave’.

Hokusai manga was a kind of instructional book produced to help Hokusai’s apprentices and members of the general public to learn to draw.

Each page of the book is filled with illustrations by Hokusai with intention that the student can copy them. Also the first volume featured explanations as well.

I have the modern edition of the book, which comes as a 3 volume set and has the illustrations grouped roughly into categories.

Anyway, since the intention of the book is to teach others how to draw like Hokusai, I decided to give it a go by copying as many of the illustrations as I can.

In fact I would like to have a go at drawing them all.

My first three attempt s at studies from Hokusai manga.

So as you can see above, my first 3 attempts. I have drawn using a Tikky graphic pen and coloured using some brush pens.

The first study I did was very small. The illustrations in the book are in fact tiny, but I quickly realised I will need to draw a little bit bigger. My colouring is also a bit rough.

What I immediately like about the illustrations by Hokusai is the expression shown by each of the characters. They definitely feel very alive.

I look forward to continuing this series by making copies of further illustrations from Hokusai mange. In doing so I would like to see the improvements I can make over time.

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