Even though the game is titles Ninja GAIDEN, when you open it the game is titled Shadow Warrior. You run through the levels and hit the enemies with your sword. You can also jump and cling on to walls. Most enemies just walk along and swing their weapon, so are pretty easy to kill. There are what I think are dogs and these move very fast and always seem to get me. After playing for about 5 minutes and getting on to level 2 the game crashed. Continue reading Game #4: NINJA GAIDEN


Little Samson is a kind of platform game. You can play as several characters, and each one has a unique power. You can switch between characters whenever you like to overcome certain obstacles. There is a fair amount of depth to the gameplay with the ability to switch characters and the game functions well on this system. The controls and graphics are good and everything seems to work as it should. The password feature means that you can restore your progress if you don’t finish in one go. This is one of my favourite games on the system. Continue reading Game #2: LITTLE SAMSON